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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ladies of the evening, HA!

The afternoon ladies had the day off today so just my night time group met. Maureen finished her cabled hat that was giving her a hard time a few weeks ago. It looks great!
 And Elena finished her crocheted hat and added a cute little flower with sequins.
 Sofia worked on a pair of boot cuffs with cables. She designed the pattern herself.
I'm so proud of her.
 By the end of the evening she had a good four inches knitted. Looking good Sofia!
 Back to Maureen, she made progress on her Mistake Stitch scarf using a nice neutral burgundy yarn.
 Cinzia's cheerful checkered scarf is nearing the end. She has decided to crochet an edge to prevent curling.
 I started a Mistake Stitch scarf too. You can't tell in this photo but it's actually black in a nice warm wool.
 Beth started her second mitten to go with....
 the first one with a seed stitch insert. This one just needs a thumb and it will be ready for wearing.
Another week gone by, another few thousand stitches knitted!

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AlisonH said...

I've never knitted enough of mistake stitch to be able to remember where I am in the pattern. It is simple and it is maddening and I applaud all those who are good at it.