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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

First day of the season on the deck

Kathleen's daughter, Pat, visited us this week. We always love it when she joins us because she is so creative and has so many wonderful projects to show us. That's Pat in the pink shirt on the right.
 The first thing she showed us is a skirt she is knitting for herself that she saw at the Vogue Show in NYC. It's knitted with hemp fiber and uses short rows to shape it. Since the stitches are loose, she's going to make different colored slips to wear with it.
 Next up is a project she's making from this book. The author has kits available for a tidy sum that includes the stencils and fabric for the items you wish to make. 
 Pat figured out how to make her own stencils and deconstructed T-shirts to use the fabric for a shirt she's making for herself. This is the photo in the book.
 Here is the stencil Pat made which took 4 hours to cut out with an X-acto knife.
 And here is the back piece of the shirt. It's a double layer of fabric so the petals can be painted and then cut showing the applique.
 This represents hours of detailed work. And it's not finished yet.
 Liz brought in a Christmas tree hat that needed to be finished along with...
 this sweet layette set and...
 cute little hats....
 and another little sweater. Some little babies will be very well dressed!
 Kathleen said that this week all she made was a little hat to match her sweater from last week's donation. It's ok Kathleen, we don't have knitting quotas! LOL!
 Barbara's pretty pink scarf shows some of the color changes going on.
 One day I was browsing Ravelry to find inspiration and someone had designed a baby hat that looked exactly like the one Princess Charlotte wore home from her birth. It took only two days to knit. I think it's precious!
 I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket last week, adding a collar and cuffs to lengthen the sleeves.
 I used the last three buttons in my stash that would go with the colors.
Now it's time for me to find more inspiring patterns. Gotta run!

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