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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Starting the new year with new projects

Last week I showed you a photo of my grandson helping me wind yarn for a hat he asked me to make for him. Well, here he is in his new hat! We dropped it off at his home but couldn't go in to visit because everyone was recovering from a nasty virus. It nearly made me cry to be that close and not be able to hug my babies. Everyone is on the road to recovery now though.
 A few weeks ago I worked on a stealth project about which I could not speak. Now I can show you the turkey hats I knitted for my cousins dogs. He challenged me to make them after something he saw online but I feigned disgust at dressing one's pets so he would be extra surprised when I presented them to him.
 Come on! Don't tell me that poor dog isn't humiliated! LOL! His mommy and daddy like the hats and that's what counts.
 Back to the Chicks. Everyone is done with knitting Christmas gifts so it was a starting projects kind of day. Barbara started a headband/earwarmer with a thick and thin single ply purple yarn.
 Elaine's friend Jill was visiting (who happens to knit) so we invited her to join us. She started a baby hat.
And I started a brioche cowl with some Mochi Plus yarn. The colors are rich and glorious.
 Elaine finished up a pair of slipper socks by the time we ended our afternoon session. This is a good stash buster project because she used two strands of odd ball yarns.
 Carole started the evening with this much of a headband/earwarmer and was nearly finished by 9.
 And Maureen did finish her cowl. You'll see the finished photo a bit further down.
 Beth made many pairs of beaded mittens for family members this year and finally made a pair for herself.
 The double cuff and beadwork are a lovely touch to add some flair to a simple mitten.
 I blocked a cowl today and I'm waiting for it to dry so I can add some turquoise buttons. You'll see it next week finished.
 I finished the mishmash cowl that started out with one pattern and changed halfway through, partly because I didn't like the way the pattern was turning out and partly from boredom. But now I like it!
 And here is Maureen's completed cowl. A lovely but simple pattern.
 Carole added the Cowl for Every Season in a pretty bright red.
 Up on Top boot cuffs nearly jumped off my needles last week. I was running out of yarn so they are a shorter version than the ones in the original pattern.
Have a great week and check back next time to see our progress.

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AlisonH said...

So cute! Moose and those puppies. Glad he's on the mend, and look at that grin!