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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

There will be warm necks this year!

Elaine made great strides with her Gaptastic Cowl since last week. She'll be binding off stitches soon. It's a free pattern from Ravelry so if you are not a member yet, I suggest you join soon. It's free and has so much to offer fiber artists.
 Liz finished her slouchy hat and it has a drawstring so girls with long ponytails can feed their hair through the top of the hat and close it with the I-cord drawstring.
 She also finished the blue cowl on which she was working last week. This would be good for a non-gender specific knit and it turned out great.
 Kathleen made two Cushy Cowls.
 This blue one looks cozy and 
 This one will be too!
 Kathleen turned some Periwinkle Sheep yarn into a stretchy hat. She demonstrated how it looked so small but it really stretched large enough to fit an adult.
 Cinzia used a Malabrigo yarn to make another short rows scarf that meanders through the colors.
 Now she is working on a Reversible Stripes Scarf with vertical stripes on one side and...
 horizontal stripes on the other.
 Carole's Sanibel Cowl is just about finished. She'll have it blocked and ready next week.
 And Beth is back from 2 weeks in California, touring Yosemite National Park and Napa Valley for a wine tasting tour. From the stories she told us it was a good vacation with lots of hiking and good food and wine. She even had time to knit a few stitches on her scarf.
 Dorah is also knitting the Sanibel Cowl with a Periwinkle Sheep Yarn. We talked about the randomness of the stockinette portions of the cowl and how it might drive a person a bit whacky if they had OCD.
 Dorah added 3 pairs of socks to our inventory. These self patterning yarns add so much interest to a good vanilla sock pattern.
 I had some cashmere left from the cowl I made and couldn't bring myself to tossing it out so I turned it into a headband to match the cowl.
 And after seeing Barbara's Cushy Cowl I felt compelled to make one. It was a quick knit that took only 3 days to complete. I have another one on needles as we speak and will be binding off the stitches as soon as I'm done here.
 Now, what will my next knitting project be?

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AlisonH said...

That purply plum in that slouch hat--what a color to swoon over! Need to find me some...