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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This was the first time since well before Christmas that the Chicks met to knit together. I really missed my friends. Barbara started a denim colored hat with a ribbed pattern using a nice warm Lopi yarn.
And I finished a cowl from a free pattern I found online. It's called the Structured Alpaca Cowl. I used Cascade Eco Alpaca and it is as soft as a cloud.
Carole finished a beautiful shawl called Stellaria. She used Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors II Sock Yarn in the colorway Audrey Hepburn. It is magnificent!
She said it took over 250 T-pins to block out the points on the edging. But it was well worth the work to get such beautiful results. This was a gift to herself for any holiday parties she was planning on attending.
Then she put the finishing touches on her Honeycomb Cowl for donation.
The other Chicks were all working on hats this week. Notice the different stages of completion.
Christmas this year was very sad since it was the first year my parents could not be with us. My father is in a hospice in Branford, Connecticut and my mother was in a hospice in Danbury, Connecticut. But I had my boys to cheer me up.
Santa brought them each a toy when we took them to lunch.
Leo thought his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy was a cell phone camera.
Then on January 2 I received a phone call from the nurse where my mother was staying to tell me she had passed away. I already knew because in the early morning hours of January 1 she had visited me in a dream. The last four months of her life were a nightmare of fear and anxiety for her as she drifted deeper and deeper into a state of dementia. But in my dream she came to me looking young and happy and her only words were, "I am peaceful." I was so blessed to have received her message before she began her transition to another life.
My mother, Bruna Grandison, was a creative lady, having studied fashion design in college. She took great delight in making all our clothes when my sister and I were growing up.
Mom's specialty was designing wedding gowns and when she no longer worked outside the home, she designed for friends and family. Here is her own gown which was exquisite.
My sister and I looked forward to Halloween every year because Mom would go all out making our costumes. We never knew one year to the next what we would be but it was always spectacular! I didn't know Cleopatra and Martha Washington were sisters! LOL!
Long before Joan Rivers coined the phrase "Fashion Police" my mother was on duty helping ladies put their wardrobes together and accessorizing them. And she herself was always impeccably dressed, with every hair in place. So now that she is at peace and in heaven I know she is keeping the angels gloriously robed.
I love you Mom! I am so happy you finally found the peace you so desperately sought in life.


AlisonH said...

In her coming to rest she brought peace to you. And now she will be helping you watch over your grandsons. So sorry for your loss. So glad the news came in a way that was such a blessing.

Uptownknitting said...

Came here via the Yarn Harlot - Love your posts about the knitting group - so sorry for your loss of your mom. Her work was beautiful! Happy you got her message of peace.