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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Chicks celebrate 8 years!

Today we Chicks celebrated 8 years of knitting together. I can't believe we've been knitting together that long! I tallied up an approximate total of items we knitted and donated and I've counted over 1,600 items. Since I count pairs of socks or mittens as one, you can be sure it's well over.
 We started the festivities with a pot luck dinner of deliciousness!
There were crackers and hummus, little meat rollups with cream cheese and horseradish, a tossed salad with crispy fresh vegies, Moroccan chicken, and quinoa about which there was much discussion on how to pronounce "keen-wah". Ha!
 We knew the food was good because there was lots of chewing and not much talking until we were done.
 Then came the desserts. There was a delicious lemon cake, raspberry bars, and a pretty fruit tart. Don't tell anyone but I think we all had a bit of each!
 I look forward to these dinners every year to give my Chicks a big hug and thank them for their hard work and dedication all year long. These wonderful ladies are a blessing in my life and I'm grateful to call them my friends.
Seated, left to right: Maureen, Liz, and Kathleen
Standing, left to right: Jody (me), Beth, Dorah, Carole
(Barbara couldn't make it tonight)
We had a good time talking and laughing and planning for next year's donations. 
Thank you again Chicks!

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AlisonH said...

1600! Congratulations!