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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

FO's Galore!

The Chicks have a bunch of FO's (that's finished objects to the non-knitters out there) to show you this week. We start off with a reversible hat from Beth. On the one side it has smooth furrows of knitting. But when you flip it inside out....
 you can see the ridges that were invisible on the other side. This makes a good hat for man or woman.
This little hat is for Beth's grand nephew. She designed it herself after searching on the internet and in knitting books for a "boy" motif to knit into the hat. 
 And remember way back, I think it might have been in June? Beth showed us her finished Monkey Blanket. Well, now it is really finished.
 She used a quilting technique of pinning the backing in a grid pattern all over her knitting so she could sew a fleece backing to the blanket. It was warm before because of the beautiful wool she used, but now it's sure to be extra toasty with all that fluffy, soft fleece!
 I knitted a cowl last week from a free Ravelry pattern called New Bittersweet Cowl. Here it is being blocked.
 I love how blocking a finished knit brings out the best in the pattern.
 This cowl is long enough to wear doubled around your neck.
 We are all starting new projects for our homeless female veterans in the area. Liz was checking out her pattern for another striped scarf. 
And Kathleen started a pretty blue scarf.
Barbara's hat is growing quickly. It will probably be finished soon.
Carole started another hat too.
All the evening ladies are working on hats! That pattern on the table is the one Dorah will be making.
I'm the only odd one out. I started the Amsterdam Lace Scarf, another free Ravelry pattern. I'm using a discontiued yarn from Periwinkle Sheep called Terra Cotta.
And one last but not least FO from Dorah. She finished her cowl. It started out as a scarf but after many weeks of knitting and knitting and not feeling like she was making progress, we all agreed that the width would make a perfect cowl. And so a new project was born! The colors are very cheery and the fiber is so soft.
Next week we Chicks will gather to celebrate our 8 years together. I can't wait. Tune in again to see some pics of our celebration.

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AlisonH said...

That last one is very much like the skein of yarn I learned to knit with at age ten. Quite memorable. (Just a little more red in there and a dash of purple and you've got it.)