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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Who came to visit tonight?

Kathleen is filling up the coffers with nice warm, soft, headbands, hats and mittens.
And Barbara finished knitting her kitten and he got his stuffing today.
Here's Dilbert! Look at those manly whiskers!
Barb also finished the cowl I showed you last week. The colors are stunning.
Look who came to visit tonight. It's Bert and Ernie, or Mutt and Jeff, or whatever. We haven't picked names yet. (4/17/13-edited to add-these cute mice were made by Beth)
May we have some tea please?
Miffy is all dressed up and ready to go.
And look who's back! It's Maureen! Tax season is over so she has a lot of knitting to catch up on!
Dorah made progress on her cowl. I was planning on making one also (Gaptastic on Ravelry) but as easy as the seed stitch is to knit, I kept making mistakes. I had seed stitch divided by bands of ribbing. I ripped mine out five times and finally gave up and...
knitted this instead. I have a motto, "if it isn't fun, don't do it." Boy! I was not having fun with the seed stitch. This one knitted so much easier!

Now I'm going back to my former crafting instincts and trying my hand at crochet again. These little booties are for an infant. The finished bootie will have five rows of scallops up the ankle by the time it's finished.
Lastly, we have Cleo the fish, or Dory, depending on your generation, and the Bluebird of Happiness or Chubby Chirps as they are known around Ravelry. 
My family room is starting to look like a zoo. I am loving all these animals!

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AlisonH said...

Such happy knitting!