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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The afternoon ladies are back!

You may have noticed that we haven't had photos of Kathleen and Barbara's knitting for the past three weeks. They each took a little sabbatical but kept on knitting while they were away.
Kathleen made this scarf and mittens to match a hat she made weeks ago.
 And here is Kathleen's puppy to add to our animal collection. She made it years ago and is happy to finally have a place to donate it. He has a cute waggy tail too.
 This animal was not her favorite. Kathleen said the directions were so obscure that it never did turn out looking like the animal in the photo that came with the instructions but I think he's cute anyway.
 This lovely scarf is another Kathleen creation as are....
 these two hats....
 and this cabled slouch hat.
 Barbara started this cowl while she was away. The colors are stunning!
 I finished the Aspen cowl today. It's an infinity scarf that can be worn wrapped twice around the neck or...
 draped in a circle around the neck. The yarn is Manos del Uraguay Maximo.
 Carole's Miffy is coming along. Her head, body, one arm, and part of her dress are finished already. 
 Dorah and I started this GAP-tastic cowl tonight. 
 Dorah is using this pretty purple yarn.
Next week I'll show you the yarn I'm using for mine. This cowl is knitted in the round using a seed stitch for the whole garment so it's a good TV knitting project. Knitting in the round can be a little tricky when setting up the first row. I have a technique I like to use to be sure there is no gap between the stitches that connect the cast on edge in the round. I take the first stitch on the left needle and slip it purlwise to the right needle then take what was the first stitch (now the second stitch) from the right needle and lift it up and over the first stitch and place it on the left needle. Pull the working yarn a bit to close the gap and start knitting away to a perfectly connected ring of knitting. Have a great week and I'll see you next Tuesday!

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There are going to be some happy kids out there!