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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Warm and soft

 Kathleen finished a V-neck sweater vest this week. She used a Red Heart yarn called "Soft" and it really is for an acrylic. That will make it machine washable and dryable so it will be easy wear.
Her wool mittens will make warm hands for someone.
Barbara is catching up on some Christmas knitting by making a scarf for a loved one in his favorite team colors. She has two more skeins of that yarn so there might be a hat also.
Carole made a double knit hat. This technique is made by using two colors of yarn at the same time so one side is purple with green boxes and the reversible side is...
green with purple boxes! Wow! That looks great! It takes a lot of concentration to make sure you are using the right color yarn at the right time. 
Maureen has made great progress on the Wingspan she is knitting. And again she wore something that goes well with it.
I made a hat to go with the cowl I made last week.
The hat and this cowl, called Circulo were made with Aslan Trends Invernal yarn. This yarn feels like a cloud. It is a blend of rabbit angora, merino wool and nylon. It is heavenly!
I used another heavenly yarn for this Williams Neck Warmer. It is a silk and merino blend from Malabrigo called Silky Merino, duh!
Back to my needles then. I'm working on a baby alpaca hat which is very close to being finished. 
Look for it and more next week. Happy Knitting!

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AlisonH said...

So many stitches, so much love. So much healing it all offers up in a world so in need of what you all do. Thank you.