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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Never ending projects and Halloween with the grands!

Last week I showed you the Cedar Leaf Shawlette blocking with the fingerless mitts. Well, this week is time to model. This close up shows the details of the leaves. And it was a very easy pattern to make.
It can be worn as a shawl that just skims the shoulders or wrapped around the neck like a cowl. I used Knit Picks Baby Alpaca yarn so it's so very soft and not at all itchy or scratchy against the skin. Believe me, I know itchy and scratchy personally!
The evening Chicks all laughed about our projects this week. We each seem to be knitting the "Never-Ending Scarves"! Beth is afraid you will be tired of seeing the same old scarf she is knitting. It is longer, really!
Karin is working on a shawl which will have a sawtooth edge finish to it.
Maureen was at the first few rows of her project.
And Dorah has decreased her knitting time to under two hours to do the 18 or 20 rows of the motif for her scarf.
I started this linen stitch scarf with a bulky weight 100% baby alpaca but I'm not happy with the edging. Since the linen stitch pulls the fabric taught the edging is all wonky. I think I will be frogging this in favor of an I-cord edging.
Maureen finished a pair of slippers for a man and.....
I finished a scarf for a man. It seems I get more inspiration for feminine knits so I have to force myself to make something more masculine.
Karin made a warm hat which a man could use too.
The grandsons, Sir Philip and Sir Leo, brought Mommy, Queen Guinevere, for a visit this week. They were supposed to come up for the Halloween party on Sunday but were forced to stay through Hurricane Sandy. Too bad for me, right? I loved having their stay extended! I get to have all the Moose and Leo cuddles 24/7 that I can take.
The party was on Sunday and started with finding candy in the Haunted House room.
We all moved on to the big ballroom where there were arts and crafts. Moose made a few leaf hangers with line designs.
The staff at the restaurant get in on the festivities too with their own pumpkin carvings.
And what would a Halloween party be if you didn't bob for apples?
Moose took quite a dive!
Leo looked like he had a sampling of the "decorate-your-own" cookies.
And this would explain why Moose couldn't get to sleep that night!
Leo and I watched as Joey D. made balloon animals for the bigger kids.
Moose took quite a while to decide which balloon animal he wanted from the menu. It amazes me what a good reader he is and he has just started kindergarten! We can't even spell around him because he knows what we're spelling!
He chose Spiderman!(edited to correct, it should read Ironman, not Spider-Man. I was reprimanded by my grandson for getting that wrong! LOL!)
It's a good thing the boys' trip home was delayed because they got to see Uncle Drew before they left. They really love their Uncle Drew!
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go take a nap. A whole week with those beautiful, energetic boys is a lot for me to take!


AlisonH said...

So much pretty knitting. Such cute kids. And a great pumpkin for fun. Love it!

Mandy said...

Uh oh DeeDee! that's Ironman, not Spiderman. Moose demands a reprint. LOL!