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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Cuties! And my Chicks!

I went to visit my grandbabies this weekend. Boy! I miss those cute faces!
 Leo learned how to scold and isn't afraid to use that chubby little finger. LOL!
 Moose ordered a kid's meal and the prize was a microphone so now he's doing his best Luke Bryan impression. Don't you love the Spiderman hat?
 This week with the Chicks was very productive. I finished a hoodie I started in March. I knitted all the way to the I-cord tie for the hood and put it into hibernation.
 Sometimes I need to distance myself from a project until I feel like getting back to it. I love this sweater from Knitting Pure and Simple patterns.
 Kathleen finished two hats and two pairs of mittens. She usually knits her mittens flat on two needles and then sews the seam. These two she tried the basic mitten pattern from 
Claudia Krisinski, free on Ravelry, which is knitted in the round on three double pointed needles. I think she might be convinced to try these again. I personally dislike sewing finished knitted garments so seamless sounds great to me!
 Barbara borrowed my iPad to look up a pattern to start a hat. Boy! That thing comes in handy!
 Here is Kathleen making another pair of mittens in the round. See? I told you she liked that pattern. 
 Karin worked on a hat with her hand dyed yarn and by evening's end it was finished.
 Beth worked on a scarf that has a keyhole opening to slip the end through so it stays snug around one's neck. She is wearing her Willow cowl. So pretty!
 Dorah and the never ending scarf! LOL!
 Maureen started a Wingspan scarf using a pretty variegated yarn for which she couldn't find the label, so we don't know what it is.
 We had a visitor last night. Susan stopped me at a New York State Thruway rest stop two weeks ago when I was wearing my Catkin shawl and commented that she liked it and she used to knit but could use a refresher course. Would I be willing to help her out? Sure! I'm hoping in exchange she'll agree to be a Chick!
 Carole started this slouch hat with a pretty teal yarn. Maybe you'll get to see it next week.
For now I'll just go back to my Wingspan and see if I can finish it this week. I am almost near the end of it so I can always hope!

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AlisonH said...

Moose and Leo were having a great time! And go Chicks with Sticks!