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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Show and Tell

There was a non-knitting show and tell this week. Barbara is going to be a first-time grandma this June and she has already made a beautiful quilt top for her new grandbaby. Liz and I were admiring it while Barb told us how she was planning on finishing it.
She picked the perfect fabrics and did a superb job of piecing them together. I can't wait to see it completely quilted.
Barbara also finished a baby cardigan and hunted through our button boxes for the right ones to sew on the band. It should be ready for inventory by next week.
Liz picked out some variegated cotton yarns from our stash last week and began this feather and fan pattern for a stroller or carseat blanket, just right for those cool days that don't require a heavy wool coverlet.
Carole borrowed a book from the library and is working on this cute little pullover with the yarn she picked up a few weeks ago.
The heather green yarn is going to be great for this pattern.
Beth showed us her Zuzu's Petals cowl she knitted for her sister. The pattern is available for sale on Ravelry, if you're a member. It's free to join and there are so many patterns available for free as well as for sale.
For her donation knitting Beth worked on this pullover.
The bright green yarn is so cheerful. It's sure to brighten a munchkin's day!
Over last weekend I made the next two cowls from free patterns I found on Ravelry. I had the yarn and was limited to 150 yards, so I hunted through the patterns and found Totally Biased. It is started with a provisional cast on edge....
and then the last row is kitchener stitched to the cast on edge, making the cowl fully reversible and utterly seamless. Thanks go to Gretchen Mashmann for donating this darling yarn to the Chicks. 
Another Zuzu's Petals just flew off my needles last weekend so this will go into inventory for St. Catherine's Center for Children also.
This blue scarf was an improvisation of mine inspired by a lace stitch I found in one of my books. The pattern is four rows long and easily memorized. The keyhole slot was made by separating every other stitch to two separate needles of the same size and knitting a 1 X 1 ribbing for whatever length you wish on each of the needles separately, and then re-setting the stitches on a single needle in their original order. You then continue to knit the pattern to desired length and bind off. That keyhole keeps the scarf in place on the windiest of days.
This project is one I've been knitting for myself since March. Every now and then I pick it up out of hibernation and add a few elements. It's a hoodie sweatshirt pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple and I hope to finish it before next winter so I'll get some use out of it before the cold sets in again.
The nice weather has been calling to me so I had the chance to sit on the deck and knit. It helps me not to feel so guilty about working on projects as opposed to, let's say, cleaning or cooking! LOL! Well, I console myself with the thought that it's all going to a worthy cause. Right?

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