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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not every yarn is perfect!

Were you ever pulled in by a pretty yarn that called out to you in the store? You purchase said yarn thinking it would make such a cute baby hat and it's so soft. Perfect for the pattern you have in mind. Well, that happened to Liz this week and after knitting a few inches with this pastel chenille she decided to frog it and start over with another yarn. I learned the hard way too, that those soft chenille yarns can be the wrong choice for some projects. I doggedly knitted a whole scarf, all the way through thinking it will get better, when I finally gave up and realized it would just not work. But I'm hard-headed and didn't want to give in to the yarn. I learned that lesson, eventually!
 Kathleen dove into the button boxes to find some buttons for her latest Baby Surprise Jacket. We'll get a closer look next week when it has its buttons.
 Beth finished the shawl and it is a work of art. And so drapey and soft! It will make someone very cozy.
 Carole started a toddler pullover with a nice heather green yarn.
By next week I should have a lace scarf ready for it's closeup. But for now I need to get back to it so I can finish knitting and blocking it. Have a good week!

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