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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nana's Buttons

It's 8AM and my doorbell rings. There's a FedEx truck out front. What could it be?
My cousin Dana sent an email weeks ago to tell me she had inherited my Nana's button box but she and her sister already had all the buttons they could use in a lifetime.
So she offered them to me and my daughter to share. Amanda is a clothing designer, among other things, so she could always use buttons! Boy Dana! You sure packaged these carefully.
And here they are! Hundreds of buttons that hold hundreds of happy memories of my Nana. She was an Italian immigrant with so many talents. She was an amazing cook and baker and I might have mentioned that she could knit and crochet anything without a pattern. She was one of my knitting and crochet teachers when I was a little girl.
This is the original box which I'm guessing couldn't fit in the shipping box.
It held all Nana's buttons.
These are the three containers I had in storage which now hold the treasures that remind me of Nana.
I hope that someday they will bring happy memories of me to my grandchildren.
Now when are Moose and Leo coming for a visit? I need to get busy making more of those memories with them.

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AlisonH said...

Oh, how fun! Cool. I wish I had something like that in memory of my dad's mother.