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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Busy Little Knitters

I've been busy making Christmas gifts for my family. While I can't really say who these are for, there is no reason I can't show them to you.

The Shawl Collared Cowl was made using Caron Spa yarn, a blend of bamboo and acrylic. Very soft!
This cowl was made from Cascade Venezia, a merino and silk blend. Also very soft.
100% Baby Alpaca mittens are REALLY soft.
And remind me not to knit socks for BIG feet anymore! LOL! I started these on Oct. 2 and didn't finish until the 29th. Ok, I did work on other projects in between, but still.....
Kathleen dipped into her magic bag yesterday and pulled out all sorts of goodies.
She admitted that she forgot to work in the first buttonhole of this sweater (it was really the fault of the poorly written instructions) so she decided to go with velcro and adorn the neckline with these sweet rosebud buttons instead.
This is Kathleen's favorite hoodie to knit.
Another favorite pattern of Kathleen's is the Baby Sophisticate jacket.
And this sweet set is made with a cotton and tencel yarn that drapes beautifully.
Elaine came to visit this week. We sure have missed her for the past few months. But life had other plans for her. It was good to get to sit and knit with her.
She modeled this lovely cowl that she knitted.
Carole worked on a baby blanket that has sailboats in the embossed design.
Maureen finished her Baby Sophisticate and checked out a pattern for her next project.
I've got seven more items I need to knit before Christmas so I better get moving!


AlisonH said...

Beautiful work, all.

Lulu said...

wow, lovely sweaters....