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Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Friday night before I went to bed I decided to take a look at the snowstorm blowing around outside. My next door neighbors have uplighting around their backyard and it was just enough to catch the quiet beauty that was brewing while everyone slept.
The next morning was delightful! I love the winter and feel so lucky to live where we get a boatload of snow every winter. Although, from what I've been seeing lately, the snowbirds who travel south for the winter are getting their fill too.
This morning I piled on my warm woolies and wrapped myself as tightly as I could and went for a walk.
The weather report said it was 23 degrees but the wind howling around me made it feel much colder. Still I had a good half hour walk before I decided to call it quits.
I wouldn't trade these northeastern winters for all the tea in China! Now I'm going to have a large cup of hot chocolate. And I won't feel guilty about knitting for the rest of the day!

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