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Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Family's Grief

All along you have been reading about the things I have knitted for my precious granddaughter, Eliana, who was due to be born on July 31. Things did not turn out the way we expected.
It was a perfect labor in a caring and loving atmosphere at The Birth Center in Bryn Mawr, PA. Moose and I entered the room just as Eliana was making her appearance and he pointed the flashlight toward her so she could find her way out. At seeing her for the first time he exclaimed "Hey Everybody! I'm a Big Brother now!"
After that, everything else is a blur.
The staff worked furiously to revive little Eliana but she never even took her first breath. Complications from the cord around her neck and aspirating meconium were just too much for her to overcome.
Tomorrow morning we have to say our final goodbyes. It will be impossible to bear but with faith in God and the love of family and friends our family will continue and remember Eliana's beautiful little face.
I want to thank everyone at The Birth Center for their care, compassion and the love they showed all of us. They all wept as much as we did and the hugs were plentiful and comforting.
There are some beautiful photos of our little Eliana and her big brother on:
The pain is unbearable but the outpouring of love that my family has been experiencing is wonderful and healing. Thank you to all who have sent messages and food and time.
I know Eliana is in Good Hands and I can see her playing with her Great-Uncle Leo. Someday I will get to play with her too.


Karin said...

Oh Jody. I have no idea how you even found the strength to write that. Been thinking about you and praying non-stop.

Mare said...

oh my heart is breaking for you...i am so sorry...I am sure you will play with your little one someday...i send my prayers and love...

AlisonH said...

Those pictures are beautiful and they break my heart. Sending loving thoughts...