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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Last Tuesday Barb showed us all her new cowl that she whipped up for a gift. She enjoyed making it so much she made another for herself. It was made using a size 17 needle with bulky yarn so it didn't take long at all.
Elaine was finishing up a hat and....
Sheila is getting the hang of knitting with a variegated yarn. Her stitches are starting to show even tension, something which isn't too easy for beginners.
I had leftovers from my Clapotis so I used some to make this little cowl. It's a silk and baby alpaca blend making it very soft against the skin.
On the day after Christmas, Moose came to our house to see if Santa left any gifts for him and sure enough! He had a bunch to open! His favorite was a "Wiggles" backpack filled with Wiggles playthings.
Santa also brought him a real guitar. Moose immediately began "playing" Beatles music. He sang all the words to "Yellow Submarine" and entertained us all.
When we went to visit Great Grandpa, Gigi, and Great Aunt Jamie Moose found out Santa left him some gifts there too. Elmo and his storybook were a big hit.
Great Grandpa (Poppop Billy) gave Moose a new wrist watch. Every time we asked Moose what time is it he answered five o'clock.
Gigi or Great Grandma (my mother), modeled the infinity scarf I made for her using Karin's Periwinkle Sheep sock yarn.
And Aunt Jamie (my sister) loved her new cowl made with Mini Mochi.
A few days after Christmas it snowed enough for Moose to clean my driveway. He loved helping his Daddy shovel the snow.
Tonight we decided to make chocolate chip cookies. Moose is wearing my grandmother's apron which means it has been passed down through five generations!
These break and bake cookies sure make baking easy!
But getting them from the package to the cookie sheet can be a little tricky!
The wait for the cookies to bake can be tedious.
But they are finally done and we ate them so quickly we didn't get a chance to take a picture.
I had a wonderful visit with Moose and his parents but they have to go home tomorrow. I'm going to miss him but I have lots of great pictures to remind me of his visit.
Oh! And did I tell you about another Christmas gift? We won't get to see it until this summer but Moose is going to be a big brother. His Mommy, my daughter, is pregnant and Moose is telling everyone he's going to buy a sister. I sure hope he won't be disappointed if he gets a brother.
With the new year comes a new project for the Chicks. We'll be knitting clothing to donate to refugees through the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. Stay tuned to see what we'll be making. For now we hope you all have a happy and healthy new year!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Jody on the new baby!

Wishing Amanda and Phil much hapiness with the new addition!


Elise H said...

Happy New Year and Congrats to All!! Moose as a big brother....I am sure he will be great regardless of whether it is a brother or a sister! Next time he comes up, bring him over to see the big dog!!


silvana said...

these photos are beautiful!!
compliments for your work!
that child is fantastic!