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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Too hot for words

We had a slow start to our knitting day. I think it's because we are having a heat wave and the temps were in the 90's with very high humidity today. Summer is officially over now that Labor Day has come and gone but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. She didn't cooperate with us much this year. We had very little opportunity to knit on the outdoor deck this year. We decided it was much more comfortable to stay indoors with the A/C.
 Liz and Elaine were checking out patterns on the iPad. Elaine found a nice seed stitch cowl pattern to use up a variegated white with blue accent boucle yarn. The yarn has a heavy texture and with the seed stitch it's looking very nice.
 Elaine finished her tweed scarf and we added it to the inventory.
 Liz added fringe to her Palindrome scarf this afternoon. She took it home with her to tidy up the ends and next week it will go into inventory with....
 this hat that she made this past week. This is the same green yarn as the Palindrome scarf but it looks different because of the lighting conditions when I took the photo.
Liz also added a sweet bias knit mohair scarf.
 I'm still plugging away at my Mistake Stitch man's scarf. I started the second skein of yarn today so maybe another week or so and I will have it finished.
 Carole is working on a lovely hat with this pretty variegated yarn. The variety of colors will make it versatile for any wardrobe.
 Dorah chose this Manos del Uraguay yarn to start a Mistake Stitch scarf too.
 It's a great stitch for warmth since it creates a cushy, thermal fabric when knitted.
 Here is Dorah's Noro Stripe scarf all done and ready for the inventory.
 The pink yarn changes color every so slightly throughout the scarf to give it a nice shading. It almost looks like two different scarves depending on which side you see.
If you wondered where Kathleen has been these last few months, she is on sick leave. She could really use your prayers. We miss her terribly and wish her well. God bless you Kathleen!

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AlisonH said...

Fun knitting!

And best wishes and prayers for Kathleen.