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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Read the label carefully!

Last week Dorah and I went through hundreds of patterns looking for just the right thing to knit. We began to notice a pattern forming that the items we chose to knit were being modeled by the cutest babies with the chubbiest cheeks. HA! She decided on a cute hoodie with I-cord ties instead of buttons. Then we hunted through the stash to find just the right yarn and chose a Knit Picks yarn in the prettiest teal blue. Tonight, after she had knitted a good portion of the hood, Dorah noticed the ball of yarn was shrinking very quickly and there was still a whole sweater to knit. All too soon we discovered that we had chosen two skeins of yarn totaling 200 yards and the pattern called for 400 yards of yarn. Ooops! Neither one of us had noticed the faux pas! So back to the stash and luckily we had a nice Encore in a tweedy white and blue. Back to the needles to start over.
 Dorah did make progress during the week on a gift she's knitting for a friend's baby. Those top-down patterns are great for a quick knit, no finishing after the last stitch is knitted except to sew on buttons.
 Carole started the Sunnyside cardigan last week and has already put the sleeve stitches on holders and is flying through the stockinette body portion. This week she will be on the hunt for the perfect buttons. This lovely yarn will give her lots of options.
 These little socks worked up quickly as I knitted them both at the same time on one needle with the Magic Loop method. I think I have enough yarn left to make another pair.
 I started a Sunnyside cardigan too. Carole chose to knit the cable version while I am knitting the lacy version. All those stitch markers are my landmarks to notify me when to knit the lace pattern and when to increase stitches for the raglan sleeves.
I can't wait to finish so I can show you the cute buttons I bought for it.

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