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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One more week of knitting and then the labeling begins

As we wrap up this quarter's donations, Barbara's lovely set is complete. This Cascade 220 yarn is called Pea Pod. The original pattern was for the mitts and she ran with the ball and converted it to make the hat and scarf. 
Now she is using a Malabrigo yarn to make a triangular scarf/shawl. There were two balls of yarn that were so close in color but not close enough to use together, as in knit one ball until it's finished and then use the second ball. Soooo....she is knitting two rows from one skein and then two rows from the other. There won't be a defined difference in colorways since they will blend all the way through the project and will become a lovely, homogenized fabric. See? You can't tell, can you?
 Kathleen used up the last of the pretty blue heather to make a hat and now she is finishing up a matching scarf. Knowing Kathleen, it will be done by next week.
 Elaine's lovely cabled hat is ready to go. The patterns repeat around the crown to make a warm Fisherman's knit.
 From her personal knitting stash, Elaine asked about blocking this cowl which will be a gift for a friend. Cowls can be tricky as you don't want a crease down the sides if you block it laying flat. Some suggestions that were made were to stuff it with a pillow wrapped in plastic wrap or ball up a towel and place it in the cowl. A bowl of large enough proportions would also work.
 Elaine's neighbor's little girl is too young to collect candy for Halloween so she is knitting her a pumpkin hat.
 Cinzia finished her cabled hat using a Malabrigo yarn. I wish you could touch the screen and feel how soft this yarn is!
 Now she is trying to feel energetic about her reversible stripes scarf. Both she and Kathleen are working on the same pattern and they have both hit a stalemate with it. Scarves can get especially boring because they have to be so long. Let's hope they find new inspiration so they can finish these soon.
Cinzia finished up the crochet infinity scarf her daughter Elena started. Elena started the new school year and just didn't have the time to complete the scarf what with all her school work and activities, so Cinzia graciously offered to finish it for her.
 Speaking of finishing, this is all the yarn Beth had left after she finished her....
 basic cable mittens. They turned out beautiful!
 Dorah worked all night on her hat...
 until the circumference became too small to fit around her circular needles. Now it's onto the DP's (double pointed needles)!
 Carol almost finished a hat using a Takhi bulky yarn. That name cracks me up! Who wants to knit with tacky yarn?! LOL!
Carole did finish her Berroco Jasper cowl and it blocked beautifully. 
 Beth started another hat. I think this one has cables.
 And Maureen is still plugging away on her cowl.
 Beth had a little show and tell last night. She is knitting Christmas gifts for the men in the family, a whole batch of hats in their favorite team colors.
 This set is for the Dad, Big Brother, and Little One on the way. So cute!
I received an email from Liz because I didn't hear the doorbell and she didn't want me to miss her drop off. She finished her scarf and wanted to be sure I added it to the inventory so she tucked inside the door knocker at my back door. It's a good thing I found it quickly. I wouldn't want the neighbors to try to figure out what kind of door decoration I was displaying. LOL!
 I am four patterns past the halfway mark in the tubular cowl using Berroco Vintage yarn. I'm liking how this is turning out.
I'll let you know if I still like it after I have to Kitchener the ends together.

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