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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Knitting til the "cowls" come home!

Carole's Olivia Cowl is growing quickly. She is almost finished with the knitting and then comes grafting the two ends together to make it an infinity scarf. There are many videos on YouTube to teach kitchener stitch or grafting live ends together. This is just one that shows grafting in garter stitch.
 Dorah regaled us with wonderful stories of her recent vacation to Israel and Prague. The worst thing to happen to her was that early on in the trip she lost her knitting! OH NO! I'd have to return home. LOL! Now that she is back home she has her pick of yarn and needles and so she continues where she left off on a ribbed hat.
 I showed you Carole's Bridger Cowl last week when it was newly finished and just needed to be blocked. Here it is all blocked and looking wonderful.
 I finished the Reversible Stripes Scarf the other day.
It never ceases to amaze me how the stripes go in opposite directions on either side! 
 I finished up a cute little cowl last week called Get to the Point. I used Berroco Quasar yarn, a bulky weight, slow changing colorway. The original pattern shows it much larger so it can be stretched down over the shoulders to be worn like a small capelet. I decided to keep it small for use as a cowl. At first I didn't really like the looks of it but now that it's finished and I see it being worn I like it!
As my late mother used to say whenever we went clothes shopping, "Try it on. Nothing looks good on a hanger!"

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AlisonH said...

I am intrigued by that two-way thing going on there. And got a good laugh out of your mom.