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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chasing away the chills

Kathleen finished a pair of mittens and a pair of Dorm Booties. By using an acrylic yarn, they are machine washable and dryable. That's a good thing for slippers!
Her next project is a Mistake Stitch Scarf. This pattern makes a thick waffle fabric with great thermal qualities for staying warm.
It seems Barbara caught the Dorm Boots bug too! 
Carole finished her grey scarf and we all admired the interesting pattern the tonal yarn created. It's funny how it changed in the middle of the scarf.
She also finished her cabled cowl. It has a 12 stitch cable crossover. And looks all warm and cozy.
Her next project is this lovely stitched hat. Can't wait to see it finished! She is using a baby alpaca yarn that feels like a cloud.
Dorah is finishing up her Harry Potter mittens. These are something else! 
Look at the intricasies of the pattern and on both sides too!
Maureen's two tone cowl is about 4 inches from being finished. Almost there, unless she gets so bored she decides to bind off and use the extra yarn for a pair of mittens.
I started the Foolproof Cowl a couple of weeks ago.
It's working up very quickly. It is advertised as no casting on stitches, no binding off stitches and I have to admit, curiosity got me hooked and I had to find out how to make this. It's true! No casting on or binding off! You'll have to buy the pattern to figure it out for yourself.
I finished my cabled cowl too. I used Cascade 220 yarn which is 100% wool. It has enough body to stay cuddled up against your neck to keep the chill away.
While I visited the NY Sheep and Wool Festival this year I saw a scarf that inspired me to make this combination shawl/scarf. My friend fell in love with the one we saw on display so I made this one for her as a surprise.
I hope she likes it!

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AlisonH said...

Love your shawrf, and everything else--and WOW on the Harry Potters!