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Friday, October 5, 2012

Come with me for a walk

Fall has finally arrived in the Hudson Valley. I took my camera with me today in case there were some Kodak moments to capture. Some of the trees are turning pretty colors but some are just dropping their leaves. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that today is the first day since last weekend that we've had sunshine.
 I think I have mushrooms growing in my ears from all the rain we've had this week!
 It was a delight to get out and soak up some rays of sun before it starts to rain again. I love watching all the trees and flowers change with the season. This tree will be a feast for the local birds.
 The sedum are turning a beautiful burnished color. Wouldn't that be a pretty yarn?!
 The horses grazed in the afternoon sun while the breezes fluffed their manes.
 I thanked God for the glorious sky.
 This little guy was trying to bury himself into the sidewalk. Why?
The air was fresh with a cool breeze which made my walk more comfortable.
And blew the leaves into abstract designs.
 It's hard to believe I live less than five miles from the Capital of New York State...
 when you can walk to the dairy farm down the road.
 Now I'm about a mile and a half from home so I better turn around and head back.
 Although the scenery begs me to go on.

 Oh look! It's probably Gov. Cuomo in that helicopter headed back to the landing pad. It's the teeny, tiny dot to the left of the wires.
 You can find a pumpkin to suit your needs at a neighbor's yard.
 Or a decorative gourd for the dining table arrangement.
 I can't take credit for this last photo. It's from Whiteface Lodge where I stayed last weekend in the fog and rain. This is what it's supposed to look like.

Thank you Mother Nature for painting our world!


AlisonH said...


I miss East Coast autumns...

Karin said...

What a beautiful walk you went on!! All weekend I've been meaning to take my camera out but alas too much to do around here. Thank you so much for the gorgeous photography!!!