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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy 7th Anniversary Chicks!!!

Yes, it's been 7 years since the first time we Chicks met to knit and enjoy each other's company. And tonight we added some good food to the mix. We had a small turnout this year because of vacations but those who did attend ate well and we all laughed well too.

From left to right: Barbara, Liz, Kathleen, Beth
 Left to right: Carole, Liz and Beth
 Beth, Kathleen, and Barbara discussed who our next recipient should be.
 And in the center is our newest member, Dorah! We're so glad to have her in our flock! Welcome Dorah, we're excited to be able to add your knitting talents to the mix. 
 Thank you to all my Chicks for another wonderful year together. I appreciate all the time and talent you ladies donate to our cause. God bless you all!

I finished a bit of knitting this weekend. It's called "Fagus" which refers to a type of Beech tree. I used one skein of Periwinkle Sheep "Sophisticated" and had a small ball of yarn left. This scarf/shawlette is 16 1/2 leaves along the edge, just enough to keep my neck warm. Yes, I made it for myself. 
 I haven't made myself something in a long time and since it didn't take long to make, I'll be making some more for donations.
Thanks again Chicks for all the knitting and fun we shared!

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AlisonH said...

Thank you all for all the good work you do!

I have a little of Karin's yarn like that, in a lighter shade, that I've been hoarding and need to actually go knit up. That scarf is lovely and enticing and encouraging.