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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Preparing for a new baby

Beth and I took our gifts up to the shelter for female veterans and what was supposed to be a surprise baby shower for Dell but sometimes things don't go the way we imagined. Someone had to spill the beans so she wouldn't make other plans. But it all turned out to be a grand time after all. Dell prepared a wonderful meal for us and then we retired to the warm and cozy family room to open gifts.
She loved the baby blanket that Kathleen made and marveled at how quickly she made it. She obviously doesn't know Kathleen like WE know Kathleen!
She became teary eyed when she saw the card we signed with the photos of all the Chicks.
Then she sniffled a bit more when she saw the gift card.
But it was the bath kit with the rubber ducky that pushed her over the edge into a full blown cry.
The hat and booties that Carole made were a big hit too.
She kept turning and admiring them and the skills it took to make them.
The peace sign teething ring was a keeper.
And remember this hoodie I showed you last week. I finished it in time to block and wrap it.
So now Dell can save it for her little girl, Emma.
We Chicks are looking forward to meeting Emma upon her arrival.
Good luck and God bless you Dell and Emma.

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AlisonH said...

Wow. Beautiful! Thank you all for letting us share in the joy out here, too. Best wishes and my prayers for a safe and easy delivery.

So much love to wrap her little Emma in!