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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Small items this week and another interview

Kathleen finished another reversible stripes scarf this week and right there next to her on the couch is the Guernsey Sweater she is working on right now. She'll probably have it finished by next week.

Elaine brought in a bunch of hats...

and is catching up on the peach shawl. She is thinking about a few eyelet rows inserted here and there to break up the field of garter stitch.

Sheila is the newest Chick in the group and also a newbie to knitting. Because of this her interview is rather limited until she expands her knitting experiences. And we're working on that together.

Interviewer: At what age did you learn how to knit?
Sheila: I learned just this year.
Interviewer: Who taught you to knit?
Sheila: Jody taught me and is still teaching me. My friend Barbara (another Chick) was so enthusiastic about knitting that she talked me into trying my hand at it. And I was very interested in the charitable aspect of donating the finished projects. I have many friends who knit when we travel and the portability of knitting seemed so sensible that I couldn't resist.
Interviewer: What was the first item you completed and for whom did you make it?
Sheila: I made a scarf which I was going to donate but then I heard how everyone keeps the very first thing they make, so I gave the scarf to my husband who wears it with pride. I have just finished my first donation scarf using the "Mistake Scarf" pattern and denim blue yarn.
Interviewer: Where is your favorite place to knit?
Sheila: I look for a cozy spot with lots of natural sunlight.
Thank you Sheila for sharing your thoughts with us.
Check out next week's entry to see who will be next.

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