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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chicks have a visitor

Elaine's friend, Jill, came for a visit this week and helped with some of Elaine's knitting project. Next time she visits we'll have to be sure she remembers to bring her knitting with her. We wouldn't want her to feel left out.

Kathleen finished her tweed poncho and is thinking about what her next project will be.
Liz has another finished poncho to add to our inventory.
Elaine started a sweet little pink baby sweater for a friend's baby. Liz is working on a cabled scarf with lots of texture.
We finally see sunshine! We are much more productive when the rays are warming us.
You can tell by the exasperated expression on Maureen's face that she's only too happy to be nearing the end of her poncho. After awhile all that stockinette stitch gets a little boring, heck! a LOT boring! LOL!
Cate is at the end border of her baby blanket. By the end of the evening, she bound off the last stitch! Yay! Now she is ready to go off to grad school in a few weeks to study dentistry. Her mom, Maureen, bought her a set of Denise needles for her very own to take to school so if she has a few minutes free she can keep up with her knitting.
Stay tuned next week for our annual Chicks Anniversary Party.

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