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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blankets, Hats, and a Scarf

The Chicks have been busy as bees. We are working on our lap robes for our local VA hospital and have seven finished so far. We are also well on our way to a good collection of chemo caps for our December project. Photos will be posted when the inventory is complete.
As far as my personal knitting is concerned, I finished my Noro Striped Scarf using Widsom Yarns, Poems which I purchased at
I substituted the Noro yarn with the Poems because it is a more consistent ply and doesn't have the "splinters" that is more common in Noro yarns. And since I'm allergic to wool (YIKES! What a terrible thing for a knitter!) I have to use a softer fiber and wear it over a turtleneck or coat collar. I'm very happy with the final product and looking forward to making a matching beret when the yarn arrives at my lys.

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Anonymous said...

very nice color combo.I'll have to look at the Poems.I know others who are really allergic to wool so it might be a nice surprise gift to knit.